Log Homes Floor Plans – Get the Best Designs From the Best Source

Log homes floor plans for building a cabin of your own to live in can vary in design and quality immensely. What are the best designs? Well, that all depends on what you are looking to build for yourself. Do you want a camping getaway for hunting trips? Do you want a guest house for friends and family when they decide to come for an extended visit? Do you want a comfortable home to live in for you and your family? Of course, there’s no end in sight for variety of designs, but as for where to get your hands on some, this is where you need to do some wise choice making. What would be the best source for the best designs?

You can find log homes floor plans almost anywhere online, but as you might probably guess, they aren’t all created equal as far as quality goes. See, it’s just not a “one-size-fits-all” kind of thing. There are rules and regulations about what can and can’t be built as far as structural soundness and zoning laws and such, so… how can we be assured of s trustworthy design? If you were to say, download a set of plans, the most prudent course to take thereafter before you set to building would be to show them to a professional architect to get an opinion. Depending upon where you go for this, it can be a bit costly.

Getting log homes floor plans from companies that are in the business of building log homes is the best way to go – because such plans have already stood the test of being built. Makes sense, yes? Plans acquired from established log home builders with experience are checked and meet all requirements for safe building. Many log home construction companies are happy to provide plans, and even offer complete sets of plans that they build from for a small fee – world’s less expensive than getting the opinion of a professional architect, and architecturally, such plans are all already approved for building. Having said all of that, now the next step is to decide which type of log cabin building company would be best to place an inquiry with.

Look at the company and examples of what they build before inquiring about log homes floor plans from them. How many styles do they build along? How is the versatility of their designs? This is where we want to choose a company whose building styles and house designs are the most potentially diverse. Have you ever heard of log cabin kits? No, they’re not log cabins that are pushed out of a mould and all look the same – it’s the logs themselves that are milled uniformly. Being pre-cut and pre-shaped in a sort of factory type setting, any number of styles and designs are possible… much like with that good-old American toy many of us might remember, “Lincoln Logs”. However, the shaping process produces much tighter and more complex fitting than is done with the toy, of course.

Another thing to consider when inquiring about log homes floor plans from such a company is their business… about 90% of all log homes being built today are from log cabin kits. Orders are put together in the factory to check for a perfect fit, then the logs are numbered in order of construction while being disassembled for shipment to the construction site. From there, what used to take the better part of a year (building it) now can be completed in a few short weeks. Because of the assembly line type setting these logs are milled in, it is the most inexpensive way to own a log home. For this reason, and that of versatility of design due to the pre-shaped logs, this type of company serves a vast many customers with cabin homes of a vast array of designs. Clearly, this would be the best source for log homes plans.


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